HEALING is what we all need and as we re-enter the world we can hold  each others hand and move towards peace. While listening, watching this beautiful collaboration by Praful, my light of faith and hope were lit. So I too can do my part to contribute to the peace and happiness on this earth.   Praful is a master sound healer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer & producer. He amalgamates Shamanic power, Heart medicine, Indian sweetness,
 MINDFUL SOUL MUSIC by Mia Martinez Come and listen with your entire body to – GAYATRI MANTRA …a soothing and healing chant that let’s us reach into our soul and receive light. It is a transformational chant extremely good in times of transition, a seasonal change or a personal inner longing for illumination. The sound of each word enters our every fiber,…opening and softening, so we are able to invoke more light, thereby be enlightened